Our Services

Specialized Psychiatric Services

GMBH psychiatrist provides psychiatric evaluation and ongoing symptom monitoring as well as medication management through scheduled visits and as needed. In addition, licensed clinical staff completes psychosocial assessment to develop an individual treatment plan.

This process is used to establish a baseline treatment plan for youth in the program. Observation and standardized tests are used in the assessment of each youth.

Substance Abuse Counseling

GMBH provides full substance abuse overlay services including education, screening and assessment when indicated, and twelve step programming when appropriate. GMBH has a close working relationship with a local detox facility, if inpatient detox is needed. However, the majority of substance abuse services are provided by GMBH masters level therapist.

Individual & Group Therapy

GMBH License Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) ensures that treatment services are provided to youth based on their individual treatment plan. Individual counseling focuses on the goals and objectives outlined in the youth’s treatment plan. Group therapy is conducted by masters’ level counselors, and these groups focus on substance abuse, anger management, coping skills, cognitive restructuring and behavioral modification.

Specialized Sexual Abuse Service

Treatment for these sexually aggressive/abusive youth focus on teaching skills and developing competencies to self-monitor, self-regulate and control their sexual behavior. This treatment is done across various modalities and integrated into all program components. The multi-modal approach address and/or confront the development of coping mechanisms, cognitive distortions, relapse prevention, deviant arousal, personal victimization, victim empathy and high-risk situation awareness. These services are provided by a Licensed Mental Counselor, who is also a certified sex therapist.

Medication Management

Agency nurse evaluates medication orders for clarity and accuracy, maintains appropriate documentation of all medication administration, and uses the nursing process to reduce the risk of medication errors. The nurse ensure that the facility has written policies related to medication orders and administrations. GMBH make provision for the secure storage of medication for youth in accordance to the agency’s policies, procedures, and protocols surrounding the procurement, storage, ordering and dispensing of medications.

Trauma Informed Care

Steps in trauma recovery is GMBH’s clinical approach for the development of environmental inter/intra – personal safety and trust, establishment of grounding and containment of flashback. Establishment of behavioral control, cognitive restructuring, modulation of life skills, inner conflict resolution between the injured and executive self, allowance for re-association of affect sensation and knowledge. This work is done by a licensed experienced mental health professional.

Nursing Services

The nurse will provide services designed to promote health, prevent illness, and achieve optimal recovery from or adaptation to health problems.The nurse is responsible for maintaining the health of each youth by applying the fundamentals of nursing which is health promotion and prevention of illnesses. The service concentrates on the care of the youth including the physical and psycho social aspects. The nurse will be a professional registered nurse who understands the basic needs that all human experiences at all stages of life. Some of the nursing services include, assessment on admission and follow up assessments as needed, nursing case management, multidisciplinary treatment team coordination, education to staff, youth in the program and families, and medication management.

Medical and Dental Services

GMBH physician provides comprehensive health care services designed for children and adolescent includes: diagnostic/admission screening, health appraisal, immunizations, primary episodic care service, and medication management as needed. Admission screening is completed within 14days of admission. Youth in the program is also provided with dental care in a timely manner.

Health Focus Counseling Groups

Health care education is provided to all youth and is conducted by the nursing/medical service staff. Health Care Education will include but not limited to the following; physical and emotional development, HIV/Aids Hepatitis A/B/C Education and testing availability, family planning, STDs, infection control, universal precautions to prevent communicable decease, risky behavior and prevention of accidents, tobacco prevention and cessation, drug and alcohol education, personal and dental hygiene, health care ( cardiovascular, nutrition, eating disorders, body development and image) and specific individualized education on prescribed medication and side effects.

Family Therapy

Family Counseling and family involvement in the treatment of youth with behavioral disorder can be the most important element in successful completion of treatment goals and objectives. GMBH strongly believes in the development of a strong family support system and reconciliation and reunification whenever appropriate. GMBH will strongly advocate for the youth receiving appropriate treatment prior to any attempts at clarification and reunification. GMBH clinicians coordinate all efforts toward reunification through the youth counselor to ensure the youth ready and willing to commence the process. Educational programs are offered by the clinical and education staff directed at developing parental knowledge and understanding of topics such as relapse prevention, cognitive distortions and cognitive behavioral strategies, teaching ADHD children and academic methods for helping children with learning disabilities and understanding children with medical and mental health disorders.

Employment Training & ILS Program

GMBH trains youth to be self-sufficient by completion of the program. This training includes: financial/money management; employment; education/vocation/career; medical/mental health; independent living skills; parenting skills, as applicable; and social skills. All youth receives self-sufficiency training. Although GMBH emphasizes family reunification, we also understand that under some circumstances this will not be possible.  Some youth come from families that have been sexually and physically abusive, and some families also refuse to have the youth placed back into the home after his/her release. If the youth has no suitable alternative family, and is old enough, self-sufficiency planning to prepare him for living on his own may be indicated.

Case Management Services

Global Medical and Behavioral Health case management staff educate themselves to the referral system of placement unit and will be the primary liaison with contracted agencies. At the point of referral, the case manager is responsible for pulling together all information on the youth and may initiate special evaluations if necessary. The case manager evaluates the youth’s potential for release/ discharge and develop viable discharge planning.