Make a Referral

Searching for the right services and programs can be overwhelming and stressful.
Our admissions and case management unit team members are experts on GMBH specialized services. An Admissions Coordinator will work with you to expedite your admission.

To talk to an Admissions Coordinator, please call 863-353-9322

Admissions Process:

  • Consumers with DSM-5 Diagnosis
  • Males 12 to 17 years old
  • Consumers with history of severe behavioral/mental health Issues
  • Consumers with history of sexual trauma and sexual aggression
  • Consumers with dual Diagnosis
  • Consumers with multiple failed placements
  • Consumers in need of skilled nursing service, and enhanced medical needs
  • Community and Dependent children in need of residential treatment
  • All consumers placed by the department and funded in full or in part by the state must be examined and assessed for suitability for residential treatment

The following documents are needed in order to expedite admission into Global residential treatment programs.

  • Parent or guardian informed consent for treatment
  • Funding approval
  • Placement agreement
  • Education information current IEP
  • Medical information, including current medications
  • Physical examination within 90 days
  • All present and past psychiatric and psychological evaluations
  • Arrangements for clothing and allowances
  • Court order commitment (if applicable) or voluntary placement agreement with parents or legal guardian
  • Current immunization
  • Medical history
  • Identification of individual or family member who will participate in treatment
  • Prior placement history and discharge information

Note: the agency may request additional information prior to admission