Our History

Global Medical and Behavioral Health Inc. has sound credentials and experience in providing services to at-risk youth between the ages of 10-22. Global Medical and Behavioral Health is the resultant entity of a merger between a well-established community-based agency HSC Services, Inc., and Global Business and Management Solutions. This documented history includes the effective and efficient delivery of treatment services to children throughout the state of Florida. Global Medical and Behavioral Health has developed and provided both preventative and rehabilitative services to troubled and disabled youth in Hillsborough County and surrounding counties in Florida. These services include: residential group homes, mental health treatment and substance abuse counseling. In addition, to these core services a vocational skills/job readiness program was recently implemented. This program focuses on job training and employment services with male youth who are unemployed and lack the skills necessary to obtain employment on their own.

The staff at Global Medical and Behavioral Health possesses a tremendous wealth of experience working with diverse populations. In addition, Global Medical and Behavioral Health has recently acquired a contract with Camp Koonce Treatment Program, and Global Academic and Enrichment Center. Global Medical and Behavioral Health possesses a sterling reputation of providing quality services in Central Florida. As Global Medical and Behavioral Health continues to grow as a service organization, its expertise will continue to expand to include the development of programming, servicing special needs populations such as delinquent girls, emotionally limited youths, dependent, delinquent, and truant youths, the homeless population as well as adults and children with substance abuse problems. Presently Global Medical and Behavioral Health has a staff of 22 in the youth services program all of whom hold a tremendous wealth of experience working with this population. Global Medical and Behavioral Health youth program staff are prepared to work with administrative staff to form committees to further develop services in the agency.

Our Office

121 Webb Dr
Suite 202
Davenport, FL 33837
(P) 863-353-9322
(F) 863-353-2592

Philosophy of Care

Our philosophy is that adolescents in our care can benefit from a highly structured treatment services in a supportive and healthy environment. Global’s philosophy is to develop responsibility, discipline, self-esteem, pro-social values and provide comprehensive treatment. We believe in providing youth with a set of enhanced skills that will serve to make them citizens that are more productive in their communities.

Our Mission

The mission of GMBH is to provide high quality treatment services to consumers and their families in a safe and caring environment. Our goals are to develop and broaden the skills of youth through therapeutic program in a structured environment, which will promote the youth successful transition back into the community.

Children’s Bill of Rights:

Global Medical and Behavioral Health supports the concept that each patient is an individual and is respected as a person. Each patient has the right to comprehensive, compassionate, family-centered care that will be provided by an interdisciplinary team and directed by a physician and/or therapist. We utilize a treatment approach that provides sensitive and flexible care that respects the developmental, psychological, emotional, and social needs of children, adolescents and their families.

As part of our commitment to the needs of our young patients, the Global Medical and Behavioral Children’s Bill of Rights is prominently displayed – and followed – throughout our programs and services.

Yes, You Have the Right:

  • To be respected at all times.
  • To dignity, privacy and humane care.
  • To be involved in your treatment.
  • To know what kind of medication you may be taking and to understand what the medication is for – and to receive prompt and appropriate medical care.
  • To communicate by phone, mail or visitation within the reasonable rules of this program.
  • To have clothes and personal items, unless they are removed for safety or medical reasons.
  • Not to participate in experimental research.
  • To have your clinical record kept confidential at this program.
  • To have information communicated to you (verbally and written) in your native language.
  • To call the ABUSE HOTLINE at 1-800-962-2873 if you feel any staff person here has threatened you, hit you or asked you to do anything sexual; the Human Rights Advocacy Committee 1-800-342-0825 and/or the Disability Rights Florida 1-800-342-0823. You should always report anything that really bothers you to the program director or your therapist.
  • To quick responses to questions.
  • To know who is treating you.
  • To know the rules and regulations of your program.
  • To report any complaint, you may have regarding these rights by using the grievance procedure.